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Using Azure Cognative Services Computer Vision with Python to Extract Handwritten Text

To help my daughter convert a hand-written essay into an electronic format I wrote a Python script that uses Azure Cognative Services to extract text from handwriting.

Using Message Headers to build Inbox Rules for Azure DevOps Notifications Emails

If you're drowing under notification e-mails from Azure Devops, and want to build some Inbox rules to manage things, then there are some useful message headers you can use for...

End of Project Blues

After working hard on a project, or after hitting a significant milestone, I often feel "down" or "low" as the pressure comes off.

Highlighting the Health of an OSS Project

Some projects on GitHub are vibrant, active projects. Others might be dormant, or even abandoned. How can we highlight this to potential contributors?

I've Uninstalled the Facebook Apps

I've uninstalled the Facebook app from my mobile devices. Here's why.

Using iTerm2's Alert on Next Mark for Long Running commands

I'd been using iTerm2 for some time, but I've just stumbled across the alerting feature and now use every time I deploy an ARM template for Azure.

Stop Skype for Business (on MacOS) from Playing a Login Sound

How I stopped Skype for Business, on my Mac, from playing that really annoying "whoosh" sounds when it starts up.

Google Developer Meetup

An evening of Tensorflow at the Google Developer Group, Reading, presented by Laurence Moroney. This post is my (short) write-up of this meetup.

README Driven Development

Write your README first and use it to design your code. This post contains my thoughts about README Driven Development, and how it can help define the features and functionality...