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Things to Remember When Writing Code

A work-in-progress list of things that you should remember when writing code (especially in teams of developers)

Using AutoComplete for Azure DevOps Pull Requests

When should you use the auto-complete feature of Azure DevOps to automatically merge your pull request? In my opinion...less often than I see it used.

Creating iMessage Stickers

This post has been sitting in my “drafts” folder for over a year. So, rather than trying to finish it (I had hoped to add a bunch of nice illustrations...

Using Azure Cognative Services Computer Vision with Python to Extract Handwritten Text

To help my daughter convert a hand-written essay into an electronic format I wrote a Python script that uses Azure Cognative Services to extract text from handwriting.

Using Message Headers to build Inbox Rules for Azure DevOps Notifications Emails

If you're drowing under notification e-mails from Azure Devops, and want to build some Inbox rules to manage things, then there are some useful message headers you can use for...

End of Project Blues

After working hard on a project, or after hitting a significant milestone, I often feel "down" or "low" as the pressure comes off.

Highlighting the Health of an OSS Project

Some projects on GitHub are vibrant, active projects. Others might be dormant, or even abandoned. How can we highlight this to potential contributors?

Building and Deploying Jekyll Sites using Docker - Part Two

Part 2 of 2, where I show how I'm using Docker images within my CI pipeline to build static websites with Jekyll

Building and Deploying Jekyll Sites using Docker - Part One

Part 1 of 2, where I describe how I'm using Docker to make local Jekyll site development easier, and avoid having to set up a Ruby development environment.