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README Driven Development

Write your README first and use it to design your code. This post contains my thoughts about README Driven Development, and how it can help define the features and functionality...

A Week Playing with Vue.js

A round-up of my week playing with Vue.js, building some basic websites.

Playing with axios (and Vue.js) - Part 2

A quick post related to axios and Vue.js (part 2)

Playing with axios - Part 1

A quick post related to axios, a javascript library for async http requests

I'm Loving Jupyter Notebooks

I've become a Jupyter Notebooks convert. Find out why.

Visual Studio Code - First Impressions

Can VS Code tear me away from Sublime Text? Maybe.

plinky - A bit like Bitly

I got fed up with Bitly and wrote something of my own.

First things First

An approach to keeping the kids at my Code Club focused on what's important

Volunteering for Code Club

I've been volunteering for Code Club since April 2013. Here's why I started, and what I get out of it.