Martin Peck
Martin Peck I write code, and manage people who write code.

End of Project Blues

Over the last few months me and my team have been working really hard on particular project. In fact, over the past couple of weeks we’ve had to put in a lot of effort (and hours) to hit an important milestone.

Working long hours, and pushing yourself, is not sustainable long term. I wouldn’t want to be in a situation where I, or my team, were consistently having to push ourselves that hard. However, when I’m part of a team that’s working together, getting things done, and focused on acheiving something, I find it really enjoyable. It’s exciting.

And then sometimes you hit a milestone, or deliver the product, and there’s a period of time when the pressure comes off, and you’re not having to push as hard…

… and, right now, I’m in that situation and I’m missing the buzz I was getting from the project. In fact, I’m feeling pretty low.

I know it won’t last; I’ll feel better in a few days. Also, the lull has allowed me to catch up on some admin, reading, and blogging! But right now, I’m sort of missing it.