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A Week Playing with Vue.js

I’ve spent the last week playing with Vue.js and associated modules. I have to say…I’m impressed with how quickly and easily I’ve been able to throw together some little web apps.

If you’re interested in what I’ve done, here’s the summary:

Pokemon-Vue-er: a Pokemon Search app

This was my first experiement into Vue.js, and I’ve already blogged about it here and here.

The app makes use of axios to make API calls to a Pokemon API, and Vue.js to render the results.

Pokemon Vue-er

Vuex-Notes-App: a Notes app that uses Vuex for state management

I started following a tutorial to build a notes app in Vue.js that used Vuex (the flux library build for Vue.js) and quickly realised it was written for Vue/Vuex version 1.x. I decided to keep going, using the basic structure of the app, but to write it in the latest versions of Vue/Vuex.

Vuex Notes App

Vigenere-App: encode and decode text usign the Vigenere Cipher

This app allows you to encode and decode text using the Vignere Cipher (a series of Ceaser ciphers). I build this app after a conversation with my daugher about a book she’s reading.

Vigenere App


I’ve particularly enjoyed using Vue.js…a joy that I’ve yet to experience with React. It’s been easy to get my head around, and has allowed me to get on and build things. If you’ve not had a chance to play with Vue.js yet, I’d recommend giving it a go.

Other things I’ve discovered this week include:

  • is a fantastic way of showcasing front end code
  • Vuex, as a mechansim for managing state in apps, makes a lot of sense and was easy to get up and running
  • axios exposes a very clean API for making, and processing, HTTP requests
  • I still like Python more than Javascript…but ES6 goes a long way to making JS a bit better