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Martin Peck I write code, and manage people who write code.

Initial Commit

Finally, after a very long time, I’ve got off my backside and thrown togther the most basic blog possible. I used to have a blog hosted on MSDN from my Microsoft days. That’s been untouched for some time now, but it still has one or two almost-interesting things on it (to me, at least). It’s here if you want to see it:

I’ve picked Jekyll to build my blog partly because I’m using it in my day job, but mostly because I love the way it works. Working in markdown, and building a static site from that content, makes a lot of sense to me. I’d much rather edit my posts in Sublime Text, and use git to publish them, than deal with a CMS. Jekyll also appears to be the tool of choice for a number of major blogs too, including the StackOverflow blog which has just moved acrosss from Wordpress, so I’m in good company.

Anyway, I’ll try and update this site with something new once a week. I can’t always promise it’ll be useful or interesting.

There’s plently for me to do here. I need to apply some styles, get some analytics hooked up, and make this place feel more like home…

… I’l let you know how that goes.